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Jack Lance

Introducing Jack Lance to Bulgarian Readers

First off, I’m very excited to be published in Bulgaria! DARK MEMORY is my second novel in Bulgarian language, after PYROPHOBIA.

In case you missed my first novel and are wondering who I am, allow me to introduce myself. I am an author of mystery and suspense novels. Many international reviewers have linked me to Stephen King, which of course is very pleasing.

Personally, I try to create in my novels a style and feel which is somewhat of a blend between the works of Stephen King and Dean Koontz: fast paced, gripping, easy to read. However, my novels, I think, do have a unique signature due to my approach of the supernatural and paranormal, in which areas I have done extensive research.

The question I’m asked most often, is where my inspiration comes from.

Well, you know, I am someone who’s always looking for a sense of wonder. For me, ‘sense of wonder’ means the feeling you have when unexpectedly something happens.

This feeling I’ve experienced on a number of occasions in my life; sometimes so strong, that it even changed me as a person.

In my late teen years I lived in Scotland for three years. I felt at home there. All these haunted castles, and other places cemented with legends and mysteries, was just my cup of tea. But the real wondrous thing happened when a friend I met there came over to my place, one stormy winter’s night. He said: I see people and they’re dead. Almost the same words as spoken by that kid in the classic movie The Sixth Sense.

I listened to Don – my Scottish friend’s name – and in the following years, I listened to hundreds more people who’d had a close encounter with the paranormal and the supernatural. I wrote their accounts down and got them published.

I myself am not paranormal or something like that at all, and to this day, I don’t know what’s true or not of such stories. But they are wonderful. I’m glad they’re there and add a little more color to the world. It all started with Don. He is having a sixth sense, and he opened up my eyes for this and many other phenomena.

I need the unknown. All things strange and mysterious. I am looking for that sense of wonder all the time. So, when I began to write fiction stories, I decided to look for inspiration in the colourful world I had got to know so well. There is plenty of inspiration to find there.

Currently, my suspense novels are being published in thirteen languages and even more countries. Two stories I’ve written have been made into a movie. The first one is the short film Tikken, in Dutch language only, about a watch that very literally gives its owner a good time. But as it goes, when you’ve got something that’s desirable, there’ll always be someone wanting to take it away from you. Except when the watch is stolen, the thief, who obviously does not rightfully own it, gets quite a rough time to deal with…

The second story that made it to the big screen, Night Eyes, is probably the most wondrous experience in my life, because that long feature movie was shot in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States, and will be released world wide in 2014. Night Eyes is about a young woman, Linda Raines, who drives home one day and is more than just a little astounded to see her car – the one she’s sitting in this very moment – parked in front of her house. She gets out, inspects the other car and finds that it is an exact duplicate of her own car, down to the smallest detail. That seems impossible, yet sometimes the impossible can be true after all, as Linda discovers when remarkable events and horrors unfold.

My journey as an author so far has been a good one. I’ve enjoyed it. But I’m not yet at my destination. Not by a long shot. There’s still so much unexplored territory ahead of me.

The sense of wonder will continue to accompany me, I hope, like a dear, inseparable friend.