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Хаос, Bulgaria, 10 November 2015

The novel ‘Chaos’ is a beautiful pearl for the pain of life; a metaphor for the eternal circle on the scene of a small seashore village.


On a scene where living conditions are miserable, the huts – small, the surrounding world stands still, only time is invariably. Idyll and serenity are deceptive. In defiance of all traditions the chaos nests and thrives. People wander around desperately looking for, silent, following only their longings for love and protection. Even those are crushing.

And Vanda, the village midwife, leads faceless hard life, knits her black vest as traditions dictate. She is close to the truth for life and death themselves and finally unveils how the chaos created inevitable terror in the souls. Only the sea remains the same, as it has always been.

Book Reviews

"The novel “Chaos” of Lyudmila Androvska is actually a record for the unrelenting pace of time. In front of it the human desires seem fleeting and immaterial. But it also is a saga for the past of a society that has decided to forcefully break through with its nature; to change itself in the clash between good and evil that demolished the fundamentals of the patriarchal way of life.

The book is fascinating, disturbingly beautiful as an idea and at the same time as a flight of thought. Masterfully written it is a fresh painting in the common picture of the contemporary Bulgarian literature. At the same time as a thematic specter it is quite distant from the regional, mundane and already familiar. Exciting, intoxicating as an enchanting wine it is a saga for the passed away eternity, that steps in the modern times through the colorful pen of the author…“

-George Nikolov