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To Siberia

Til Sibir, Bulgaria, Norway, 09 November 2016

In this exquisite novel, a young woman looks back with muted nostalgia on the harsh realities of her childhood and the consequences of her choices.


Her distant and difficult parents provide little comfort of any kind, but their absence allows her a deep and unshakeable bond with her beloved brother. She and Jesper vowed together that they would leave Denmark one day he longed for warm Morocco, but she always dreamt of Siberia, for its skies that were cold and clear, where it was easy to breathe and easy to see for long distances. A great journey to Siberia eludes her, but she winds her way toward adulthood with its attendant sexuality and independence and she longs to protect Jesper as he takes greater and greater risks resisting the Nazi occupation of Denmark.

With spare, mesmerizing prose, Petterson explores a life that is outwardly barren but sharply etched, charged with meaning.

Book Reviews

“Rife with beautiful incantatory moments.”

—The New York Times Book Review

“Reading a Petterson novel is like falling into a northern landscape painting—all shafts of light and clear palpable chill.”


"A brilliant novel of lost innocence from the internationally best-selling author of Out Stealing Horses and "a master storyteller"