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What Goes Away

Което си отива, Bulgaria, 09 November 2015

The title of the collection “What Goes Away” always implies for a separation in time, with favorite things, people, memories and illusions; and also for unsubdued pain when we have to take a farewell with our pets. The writer Lyudmila Androvska possesses open and sharp senses for the pieces of the puzzle called everyday life. She knows how to creatively ascend the ordinary, less noticeable things from the existence, and turn them into attractive artistic facts.


Some of the stories are loaded with original and enchanting emotions and situations and can win the reader with its essayistic flair. Some lead the plot with a cinematic ease without complicating it. The author suffers the lack of love in our crude world and tries to make it better through her works.

As Yordan Yovkov did she expresses her love for the animals managing to spiritualize the ordinary pets – cats and dogs. And if Yovkov says with regret: “If they could only talk”, Lyudmila Androvska rises them to the moment when they ‘start to talk’. Touching and embracing are the scenes when she expresses the separation with them. She appropriately has included an interesting text to the stories regarding the animals that interprets the relationship between man and pet after death.

The writer wins the reader not only with the strength of her experiences, but cushions the mastery to make words and phrases that tremble in sync with what narrates and “what goes away”.