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Dark Memory

Hellevanger, Bulgaria, Netherlands, 02 December 2013

From the author of "Pyrophobia"!

Would you dare to look into the darkest depths of your memories - into the heart of hell itself and the shadow that lives there?


Rachel Saunders awakens in a forest, alone, at night. She’s wounded and most of all: she can’t remember a thing. After her boyfriend, Jonathan, finds her, he tells her what has happened. Last week she left her home in England and travelled on her own to Scotland, to attend the funeral of her best friend Jenny Dougal, who died in an accident. Following the funeral, Rachel had been missing for days, as if vanished from the face of the earth. Until the night she woke up in that Scottish forest with memory loss.

Rachel can’t remember anything of the days she had disappeared, nor of the funeral Jonathan says she attended, but strangely she seems to know one thing for sure: Jenny is not dead. She also has terrifying recollections of a creature somewhere out there, neither man nor beast. It has extended wings like a bat and a wolf’s head. This horror in flesh and blood is the key to the mystery. Was Jenny not buried at that funeral? And can this creature from hell possibly be real? Reluctantly, Jonathan, who doesn’t believe any of it, joins her on her quest to find Jenny.


They find more than they were expecting: a terrible secret Rachel has been hiding. Jenny too happened to be on the trail of her twisted and frightening past, shortly before her supposed death. Rachel realizes that she can only find and save Jenny (and herself) if she’s prepared to go into the heart of her darkest memory.