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Vuurgeest, Bulgaria, Netherlands, 30 June 2011

You think you’re alive, but you don’t exist.

The afterlife and the secrets of death in a spine-chilling mystery thriller.


Life has been nothing but smooth sailing for Jason Evans. He has a loving wife, a good job, and plenty of friends. There’s nothing standing in the way of his happiness, until an unknown enemy sends him a strange photograph – of a cemetery – with a perplexing message on the back: ‘You are dead.’

Jason believes it to be a prank, but then he gets the second photograph: ‘You think you’re alive, but you don’t exist...’ is written on it this time.

Jason begins to feel threatened and embarks on a quest to find the cemetery depicted in the photographs, which could be his own grave. Soon he finds out that his life is not what he has always believed it to be.

Then he receives the third photograph: 'August 18th, your date of death.'