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The Farm

La Granja, Bulgaria, Spain, 24 April 2016

To claim that everything has been already revealed in the black genre is not applicable for this novel.

To compose your own music in the black literature genre, so typical for Spain, and at the same time to escape from the topic is not so easily achievable. The black crime fiction, so fashionable these days, acquire new values that join the genre with enthusiasm and receive the prize of the readers, of many young people among them. His representative is José Vaccaro Ruiz – a storyteller that absolutely must be followed as a unique and rare event and at the same time a complete exception.


Juan arrives in a restaurant in Barcelona where he has and appointment. While waiting, his thoughts return back to the events of the past few weeks. A year and a half earlier, Rigoberto Castro – a Venezuelan drug lord and leader of a cartel, decided to develop a new source of income. His idea is to create a website with snuff content for elite customers that were able to pay the requested amount and watch in real time. To record the violent scenes they used hostages tortured by perpetrators as in many cases it leads to their death. All was executed under the guidance of a criminal with the nickname Satan.

In “The Farm” the former policeman and private investigator Juan Jover, once again embarks to the disclosure of crime in a world of perversion, where the line between good and evil is so blurry, and the characters are so vague that even those looking good, keep hidden more than one skeleton in the closet.